Thinking of Starting Swinging – What Next

Swinging is great fun for mature adults who realize that adding a way to express themselves sexually with others is a way to enhance their own sex life. As long as you and your partner understand the rules of swinging, there are plenty of ways to have fun. Here’s some advice for those looking to get the most of their swinging experiences.
Be Open
Many women have fantasies of bisexuality. Many men share this as well. If you are open, you can explore this and only go as far as you are ready for. This can open new doors for you and allow you to explore something you couldn’t explore with your partner alone.
Participate in the Games
Great swingers parties and events will have games. The games are designed to get everyone in the mood, and help loosen the tension that anyone has. You can really enhance the experience by participating. Swingers are okay with you saying no to anything you aren’t comfortable with, so if something comes up during a game you don’t want to do, just say so!
Take Advantage of the Friendships
Another great perk of being involved in a swinging community is the fact that you can meet great new friends. Take advantage of this perk. A lot of swingers feel isolated because it’s not something they can share with others who aren’t involved in the lifestyle. Go to club events early enough to hang out in the lounge and get to know others. You never know what kind of friendships will end up forming if you don’t do this.

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