Is it Best to Swing Alone or as Part of a Couple

Swinging is an activity most commonly thought of as a couples game. While swinging as part of a couple is the most common, singles can swing just as easily. Here are a few pros and cons from each side to help you see the difference.

Swinging as a couple is going to take some work. It’s not as simple as waking up one day and deciding it’s something you want to try. You have to talk about it openly and set rules and boundaries. You also need to discuss the types of people you are willing to play with. As a couple you will have more access to parties and events without as many restrictions.

Singles can still swing successfully. As a single swinger you may be limited when it comes to club memberships and events though. Many clubs only allow a certain number of single men in to events. Single women do tend to have more of an advantage with this. Most events are free or very low cost to attend as a single woman. As a single swinger you are also bound to the rules and boundaries of the other couples in attendance. Many couples will allow a single in to their play, but with limited activity. You must also wait to be invited before playing, which means you may spend some time hanging out in a lounge just waiting.

The bottom line is there are pros and cons for both situations. If you are a swinger and are single, you may want to find a swinging partner to play with just to allow easier access to the clubs and parties.

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