How a Swinging Lifestyle Could Put You in Sexual Heaven

Swinging allows you to explore things that you may not ordinarily explore in a relationship. When it’s done right it can increase your sexual experiences and enhance your intimate activities. Here are just a few reasons why.
Exploring New Activities
Even if you don’t participate, just going to a swinger’s event can enhance your sex life. You can watch other couples and start to get ideas of what may turn you on. Just the act of watching in and of itself can be a turn on, leading to more intense sex later. If you and your partner are interested in swinging but don’t know where to start, this is a good way to get in to it. Spend some time just exploring the different activities, then talk about what you liked and didn’t like later on when you’re alone.
Open Participation
Watching your partner with another person can be a huge turn on once the jealousy is pushed aside. Participating with other couples, or just allowing people to watch you can also increase the sexual energy. The great thing about swinging is that the other couples are completely open and all your rules will be respected. This means you can participate in any way or level you wish. What was plain boring sex in your bedroom will bring new excitement if you do the same thing in a setting with other people.
Alternative Activities
Many people are interested in alternative actives such as bondage or cross dressing. It’s much easier to get more comfortable with trying this if you are in an open setting where others are doing the same. Participating in these events at a swingers club can open up your sexual experiences and excite you and your partner even more.

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