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How a Swinging Lifestyle Could Put You in Sexual Heaven

Swinging allows you to explore things that you may not ordinarily explore in a relationship. When it’s done right it can increase your sexual experiences and enhance your intimate activities. Here are just a few reasons why. Exploring New Activities … Continue reading

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Is it Best to Swing Alone or as Part of a Couple

Swinging is an activity most commonly thought of as a couples game. While swinging as part of a couple is the most common, singles can swing just as easily. Here are a few pros and cons from each side to … Continue reading

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Are Most Swingers Straight, Bisexual or Gay

Swingers come in all persuasions. Straight couples will often explore bisexual or gay fantasies. When it comes to sexuality, nothing is black and white. In the swinging community, this is exactly the case. Gay Swinging Gays and lesbian couples are … Continue reading

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How to Make a Female Swinger Orgasm

Making a female swinger orgasm is going to be no different than making any woman orgasm. A few things may be different, but for the most part you will want to do the same things. Here are a few tips … Continue reading

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Thinking of Starting Swinging – What Next

Swinging is great fun for mature adults who realize that adding a way to express themselves sexually with others is a way to enhance their own sex life. As long as you and your partner understand the rules of swinging, … Continue reading

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Searching for the Best Online Swinging Sites

When it comes to swinging socializing you will find that there are a lot of different ways to go about it. It can be awkward at first and difficult to get into the scene but you will find that once … Continue reading

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