Are Most Swingers Straight, Bisexual or Gay

Swingers come in all persuasions. Straight couples will often explore bisexual or gay fantasies. When it comes to sexuality, nothing is black and white. In the swinging community, this is exactly the case.

Gay Swinging
Gays and lesbian couples are not uncommon in the swinging community. Just because two women have chosen to spend their life together doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy playing with other couples. The same goes for gay men. Many will be okay with same sex activity, and others enjoy performing with one another for straight couples. As long as rules are followed and boundaries aren’t broken gay and lesbians can swing just as openly as straight couples.

Swingers clubs and events provide the perfect atmosphere for those with bisexual tendencies or curiosities. Many swingers are either bisexual or curious, so it’s easy to find others who will play. Not all swingers are going to be bisexual, but they are typically open to others activities.
Swinging is a community that is essentially free of judgment. Everyone understands that not all members and participants are going to be interested in the same thing, but they are open enough to accept other forms of play. A good way to find people who are going to be open to bisexual or gay play is to hit the forums before an event. This will give you a chance to chat with others.

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